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Cold Storage Doors
The Telecom Wires And Cables are useful for communication as well as telecommunication cables. These are suited for a wide range of applications such as voice, data coaxial conductors, copper conductors etc. 
Prefabricated Steel Structures
The Prefabricated Steel Structures are the ideal options, suited to erect the industrial buildings. These are the robust steel structures, which can withstand the test of time and can do well in the harsh weather conditions.
Cold Storage Rooms
Offered Cold Storage Rooms are made to cool store the edible and medical items.  These are the large refrigerated rooms as well as buildings, made for the storage of different goods. The rooms are useful in the storage of fruit, vegetables and seafood.
Display Fixtures
The Display Fixtures are the extremely functional and beautiful furniture pieces, used to exhibit the shoes and other products. Offered are exceptional quality shelves, which proffer organized look to different items. 
Telecom Enclosures
Telecommunications enclosures ensure absolute protection of the electrical equipment. They are made for transporting the voice, video and other kindred data in different industries. The said products are the enclosures of high functionality. 
Fruit Ripening Chamber
Supplied Fruit Ripening Chambers have been engineered to work well in the nature's ripening process. These do not make any effect in the taste as well as freshness of the edibles. Offered are functional as the humidity controlled rooms of many innovative features. 
Clean Room Panel
The Clean rooms panels are the advanced systems, which can be installed as the high-quality production complexes. These ensure high utility in the hospitals as well as labs. 
Insulated Puf Panels
The Insulated Puf Panels are made to integrate the beams and studs. Offered are the easy to install as well as inexpensive solutions, which are applicable for the exterior wall, foundation systems and roofs. These are demanded for commercial buildings, warehouses, cold storages, and prefab structures.

Prefabricated Cabin
Supplied are the Prefabricated Cabins, largely demanded in the residential and commercial sectors. These boast of easy maintenance as well as durable finish standards. Offered cabins are suited for assorted heat resistance applications.
Telecom Shelters
The Telecom Shelters we deal in have been widely suited for minimum usage of Air Conditioners as well as Generator. The shelters boast of low running cost as well as fault free service life. 
Insulated PIR Panel
The Insulated PIR Panels allow for high applicability in the rigid thermal insulation. The panels are suited for the fabrication of pre-insulated duct, used in the air conditioning and ventilation systems. 
Prefabricated Site Office

Prefabricated site offices can give the workers a comfortable place to work and are simple to move and install. These are a type of temporary structure that are frequently used in factories, warehouses, construction sites, and other locations.

Prefabricated Ward

Prefabricated wards are constructed using prefabricated components. These can be used for a number of things, such as housing patients, offering staff offices, or acting as a temporary facility while development or renovation is being done.